Our Tradition

What does it mean to be a Redemptorist? What is the thinking, the spirituality, the driving force?

Our founder, Alphonsus was a former lawyer who became a missionary priest. His change of life style startled a lot of people. His family had their hearts set on his becoming the most prominent lawyer in Naples, and after practising law for eight years he was well on his way to reaching that goal. In spite of his success, however, Alphonsus was not truly happy; he felt there was something more that he was meant to do with his life.

Ponder these key points, they reveal a multitude about the Redemptorists:

•Alphonsus became a tenacious champion in favour of conscience. He passionately defends the redeeming love of God against narrow-minded rigorists.

•In his moral theology and pastoral care, Alphonsus draws his conclusions from the primacy of love and liberty.

•Alphonsus knew that overburdening people’s conscience with laws, especially if these laws were arbitrary, suffocated the creativity of love and freedom and caused anguish.

•Alphonsus was a friend of the poor and outcast, he could fill their hearts with good news.

•He adored the Holy Spirit, who endows even the most simple person with the gift of wisdom and discernment